Our Connect groups are a way for you to get involved! Each group is constructed for a different purpose, discipleship, fellowship or common interests! We hope you find a group and get connected!
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20-39 years old
20/30 meets for activities, and fellowship often. This group provides the opportunity to build relationships for the growing members of the church.
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40-69 years old
A fun group for fellowship and fun. The 4 Fifty 6 Connect has regular events, outings, and fellowships. Iron sharpens iron as this group continues to challenge one another. 
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70 & Up
The 7-Up Bunch is a very spirited group that knows how to party! They fellowship on a regular basis and are always ready to welcome new friends.
Concerts, game nights, and more!
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Everyone is welcome!
Cornerstone is a Connect Class that meets every Sunday at 9:30AM. An in depth and mature study of the Word of God. 
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Everyone is welcome!
Tool Time meets every Sunday at 9:30AM. This Connect Class is to equip you with Godly tools to succeed in your daily life! 
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For Mothers with Children at Home
Every week is something different with Mommy Talk. From crafts, cooking, outings, and Bible lessons there are so many ways to fellowship. Mommy Talk Meets every Tuesday @ 10:00AM
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6 yrs- 4th Grade
Come join us as we walk thru the adventures of the Bible!
Kidz Connect meets every Sunday @ 9:30AM
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5th & 6th Grade
The 180JV Connect Class is just for pre-teens! This class helps our pre-teens build lasting friendships as they study the Word of God every Sunday @ 9:30AM
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7th – 12th Grade 
Challenge your youth with an in depth Bible Study!  Oneighty Connect provides an up close and personal environment to
study and to fellowship.
Every Sunday at 9:30AM.
The Men’s Ministry of South Plains Church 
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The Women’s Ministry of South Plains Church